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I'm an improvising viola player trained classically at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, turned rogue after years away from music and personal exploration and discovery. I perform regularly in and around Glastonbury, Somerset, as well as working with musicians from all over the country. I'm a member of 'The Celtic Spaceship', as well as long term collaborator with Zoe-Blu Shantos as a performer and arranger. 

On my journey of discovery away from music I've worked in education as a teacher for adolescents with learning difficulties/differences as well as a mentor for young men from difficult backgrounds. My own meditation practice, inner world development and training as a counsellor and hypnotherapist lead me into a space where I decided to start working therapeutically with others.

I value personal freedom and empowerment and the courage to face everything inside, no matter how seemingly painful or distasteful it may seem in the moment. Over years of consideration I've developed a rich vocabulary of models that help map out inner and outer development, seeing each problem as unique and requiring approaches that recognise the underlying systems and conditions from which it has arisen. I work in an active and dynamic way offering clients bespoke tools, perspectives as well as guided visualisations to help them gain clarity and determination in the problems that impact them most. I want to help people identify what is most important to them in life and help them build their inner and outer conditions to enable them to protect and honour those precious aspects of their lives.

I'm a huge fan of Internal Family Systems as well as the revolutionary work done by Ian Wolstenholme around working within or inner environment to discover, learn to be with and heal the multifarious parts of our psyche. 

I'm neurodivergent and have worked with many children and adult neurodivergent folk so am particularly familiar with the struggles and needs of those who are wired differently.

Trained by Chrysalis, I'm a fully accredited Hypnotherapist registered with the National Hypnotherapy Society. 

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